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General Background:

The Southern Counties Petanque Association

The Southern Counties Petanque Association (SCPA) has 30 member clubs spread throughout Hampshire (19), West Sussex (5), Surrey (3) and parts of Dorset (3).  For a list of clubs and contact details, see the SCPA's website.  A number of other clubs in the Region maintain their own websites, and these are listed on the Links page, along with other sites of relevance and interest.

The Region's business is managed by an Executive Committee, whose details can be found on the SCPA's website, along with dates and locations of the regional and principal club tournaments, and dates of the Executive and Full Council meetings that are open to all SCPA members in the Region.

Apart from the competitions, the Region runs a "9-a-side league" competition for clubs, which in 2005 has a single 9-team league for the first half of the season, splitting into divisions of 4 and 5 teams for the second half, and a "6-a-side league", which currently has a total of about 30 club teams in four divisions.  In the 9-a-side league, each team consists of three triples, fixed for the duration of the match, each of which plays each triple of the opposing team.  In the 6-a-side league, there is one round of triples and one round of doubles, and the 6 players in the triples round need not be the same as the 6 in the doubles round.  In this way, it is intended that newer players can be introduced to competitive play more gradually via the 6-a-side framework.



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