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General background:

How to play Pétanque

This "beginner's guide" is divided into three sections, which do not aim to supplant either the formal Rules of pétanque or proper coaching or manuals on how to play.  Hopefully, these brief hints will give any beginner enough information at least to turn up at a pétanque terrain, either in this country or on holiday in continental Europe and know what is going on and, better still, be able to join in and enjoy themselves by achieving good results quickly.

The three sections are: a general introduction that describes the basic equipment and normal team formations; a description of playing and scoring so that you can understand how the game will progress; and some tips on how to throw your boules which may sound a bit obvious, but there are ways to do this that can help you have a better chance to throw them somewhere near where you mean to, whatever kind of terrain you are playing on!

Have fun!


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